What is the Privacy Number Service (PNS) and how does it work?

The PNS is a service to keep your personal details, in this case your phone number, hidden from other users of the website. This is done so that no one can abuse the information held on our system for other than contacting you concerning your advert. We replace your phone numbers with our own 070 number, which when a user calls, redirects them to the phone numbers you entered while placing an advert.

How much does using the service cost ?

The PNS is free to all our private advertisers. At Archant we allow some private adverts free of charge, in order to continue to do so we make a small amount of revenue from the 070 service that we now offer. This has also been universally welcomed for the privacy that it now offers our private advertisers. People calling a PNS Number from a standard BT home or business phone are charged at the rate of 35 pence per minute when dialed from a BT land line. Calls are billed per second only when supported by your network operator.

The cost of calling a PNS Number from mobile phone networks will vary depending on the mobile operator the call is being made through. If in doubt, callers are encouraged to confirm with their mobile operator the charge for calling a PNS Number (PNS Numbers are those with the prefix 070). Mobile operators are obliged to make their call charges readily available to their customers. Per second billing only applies on calls to a PNS Number where your mobile network operator supports this.

What other advantages does the service offer?

When a 070 number is called the service will hunt up to 2 different numbers to connect you to the advertiser. If the item is no longer available a recorded message will tell you immediately to save your time and effort.